October Water Play

We didn’t let the cool temperatures bother us!  We had such a great week this week playing with our new water contraption.  Using funnels and hoses, the kids explored different ways that water flows.  They loved pouring, and catching!  It was hard not to get wet!

October Preschool Pics - 046 October Preschool Pics - 043


This month our color was orange! So we thought what a great way to learn about mixing colors!  The kids observed Ms. Emily make the water red.  Then we observed what happened when we mixed yellow with red!  The kids loved the outcome!  October water play is the best!

October Preschool Pics - 044

A Visit To The Pumpkin Patch

We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day for visiting the pumpkin patch!  We visited Chiles’ pumpkin patch with our school family this week!  It was a fun to learn the life cycle of the pumpkin, go on a hayride, traverse the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin and indulge in some warm apple cider donuts.  Our little friends loved spending time with each other and with their special loved ones!  Thank you families for joining us and make this day so much fun!

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Community Helpers

What a wonderful week we have had!  The kids have been learning about those important people in the community that help us stay safe and healthy.  We created a community with houses, a post office, a fire station, a school, and a doctor’s office.  The kids created roads and drove through the community.  We learned so much about the people and places around us!

Olivet Preschool Pictures - September - 094

We also had a very special visitor come see us!  Thank you to the Hollymead Fire Station for coming to our classroom and teaching us about fire safety!   The kids learned that a fireman is not a scary person because of all of his equipment, but rather a person that is there to help.  We even had the chance to climb into the fire truck!  There were all kinds of hoses and nozzles.  There was so much to see!  Thank you again for being such important people in our community!

Olivet Preschool Pictures - September - 143   Olivet Preschool Pictures - September - 097Olivet Preschool Pictures - September - 136 Olivet Preschool Pictures - September - 155

We wrapped up our week learning about Police officers!  We made badges and we even pretended like we visited the police station to be fingerprinted!

IMG_3481 IMG_3483