Fall Gardening

Thank you so much to Gardener Bill and Gardener Betty for coming to spend time with us and teaching us about planting bulbs.  The children so enjoyed planting their own garden.  They tucked their bulbs under the ground for winter.  I can tell they will be learning about patiently waiting for the bulbs to sprout up this spring!  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Planting Bulbs 013  Planting Bulbs 004Planting Bulbs 012Planting Bulbs 014


We have also started working on a surprise holiday gift for our families. Shhhh!!!   All we can say is that there is a lot of rooting and sprouting going on in our room. 🙂


One of the greatest things when learning about shapes is that we become super Shape Searchers!  We have discovered that there are so many shapes in and around our classroom! We have found rectangle doors and windows.  We have found circle clocks and circle blocks.  We also have found square houses and square books.  Our Shape Searchers love to build and make shapes!  There favorite way to make shapes is using their body!  Shapes are so much fun!

October Preschool Pics - 032 October Preschool Pics - 060  Olivet Preschool Pictures - September - 197Olivet Preschool Pictures - September - 061

All Things Halloween

OOOOOOH things are getting a little spooky around Olivet Preschool.  We have been learning and playing with spiders (fake ones that is).  The kids have pretended to be mummies! And the Jack-o-Lanterns have been created!  What a wonderful way to spend this week as we creep closer and closer to Halloween!

20141027_105149 20141027_105236 IMG_3692IMG_3693


We have created beautiful pinch pots pumpkins with Kacie-Linn, played with spooky Halloween dough and made our feet into Boo-rific ghosts!

October Preschool Pics - 13920141027_110022  20141027_110802

The kids loved looking for real spiders on a nature walk outdoors and hunting for fake spiders in the Fellowship Hall!  We even made our own giant spider web!

October Preschool Pics - 160October Preschool Pics - 163


We ended our week with a fun celebration, including a parade upstairs to trick-or-treat, making and pretending to be popcorn, and whipping up a batch of witch’s brew!  Happy Halloween!

IMG_3745 IMG_3747 IMG_3760 IMG_3769