Animal Action!

We had some very special visitors come to our classroom. Preparing for their visit, our classroom was transformed into a imaginative Veternarian’s office where the children could learn to take care of there own stuffed furry friend.  The kids weighed, measured, compared, and cared for their animals.  They became the Doctors that day!

20141215_091415 20141215_111347 20141215_092923

Sylvia came in to share her turtle Nalu. The class loved watching Nalu scamper across the table and floor, petting her shell and learning about how turtles live and what they like to eat.

20141215_104804 20141215_105114

To make that week even more special, Casey and Jude Law the dog visited us to help us learn more about real animals.  We got the listen to Jude’s heart beat!  We got to see what the insides of animals look like as we looked at X-Rays.  It was a very special week for our little school friends.  Thank you to the SPCA for sharing what you do with us and how you help these little fury friends!

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Making of a Sweet House

We have been learning so much these last few months about shapes, colors, and patterns. It was time to put our learning into action.  We made the sweetest most beautiful Gingerbread house ever!  We started from a simple box.  We added some ice cycles and the kiddos created beautiful patterns to decorate!  Each day the girls kept saying “Can we make it more beautful?” And of course our  answer was YES!  So they created and we glued and wow did we make something special.  Our new house became a great place for reading, for sharing, for playing house, even to make gingerbread cookies!

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The True Meaning of Christmas

This month we have been learning the story of Jesus’s birth.  Each week during our Bible time, we have become characters in the Nativity story.  Some of us have been sheep, or a donkey.  Some of us have been Mary and Joseph.  We have heard the story, been the story, and even sang about the story!  During our days at Music have learning about a child that we born in a manger.  We have pretended to be shepherds herding our sheep. We have been Mary coming to town on a donkey.  We have been the Kings bringing gifts.  Lastly we have learned the importance to sharing the Good News as we “Go tell it on the Mountain that Jesus Christ is born!”  Merry Christmas!