Community Field Trip in Crozet

We had the opportunity to visit two community helpers this week!  We visited the Crozet Library and the Crozet Post Office.  Our visit to the library was great fun! They have a talented group of people that provide special programs for our children.  We learned all about the things we can borrow when we visit the library.  We read a sweet little book about the love between a girl and her puppy.  We rhymed, we danced and we even had a snow ball fight! We had such a wonderful time visiting out little library.  Thank you Crozet Library!

IMG_4302 IMG_4294 IMG_4289

Next we walked across the street to visit the post office.  Prior to our field trip, we were very busy making Valentine’s for our special loved ones.  We thought what a great opportunity for us to visit the post office to learn about what a mail carrier’s job is like and actually mail our special letters on our visit.  We learned all about how a mail carrier has to be organized!  We climbed aboard a mail truck! We even purchased stamps.  As an adult, I became a learner today!  Thank you Community Helpers for doing all that you do to take care of our town!


Ice Cold!

We have been doing and making all things snow and ice!  The kids loved practicing their cutting skill making snowflakes, and using their construction skills to build igloos out of sugar cubes.  We snow danced all across the floor and painted with our feet.  We made snow angels and had snow ball fights!  The best part of the week was our science experiment about how to make ice melt!  Ms. Emily found all of the kid’s letters using beads and she placed them in a tray filled with water to freeze. Each kid had their own tray and used different materials to try to melt their ice. They used salt, warm water, and cool water to see which material worked best.  I loved seeing how excited the kids were then they got all of the letters free from the ice cube! What a great week!




We are very lucky to have class with our Art teacher, Kacie Linn, each week!  We have done some pretty great things!  We have created with clay.  We have painted.  We have paper mache’ed.  But perhaps our favorite art project has been our own version of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.  Be amazed by our great little artists!