Big Lines, Little Lines

We have had such a fun week learning about Big lines and Little Lines, Big curves and Little Curves!  We welcomed our new friend Mat Man to our little community!

We built. We drew. We even collaged our new friend Mat Man.

The Children loved using the sticks to build things.  I loved hearing all the things they thought the sticks could make.  They especially loved dancing and following directions with our sticks!

We also spent our Cooking Fridays making freshly squeezed Lemonade!  It was a sweet treat for the end of the week!


New Friends

We had a great First week of School!!  It so great to be back together again. Our special friends learned about being a SUPER friends at school.  We learned about our classroom and how to take care of it.  We labeled our play areas to help us remember where things go.  We incorporated lots of music and movement this week as we begin to implement the Hand Writing without Tears Program to our curriculum.  The kids tapped and Hokey Pokey-ed with our wood pieces.  Its been a great week playing, sharing, and learning together.