February Love

Will he or won’t he?  That is the question we considered this month!  We loved learning about how animals wake up like the Groundhog.  We used technology to learn what happened to Mr. Phil when he woke from his winter sleep!  We loved using the light to create shadows as we pretended to be Mr. Groundhog!  IMG_1522


We created the Olivet Postoffice in our Classroom! We learned new vocabulary as we built our play and our art table around making Valentines for our loved ones and each other!

IMG_1519   IMG_6343

We’ve also put on a play called “The Queen of Hearts.”  We took turns being the Queen, the King, and the Knave.  We learned about being actors and in the audience.  It was a wonderful opportunity to play with Rhyming too!




We are looking forward to our visit to the Paramount Theater this week as we go to see “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”