April Fun!

We are so loving this weather that we’ve taken things outside!  We are creating Fairy Gardens and Dinosaur Environments for our playground!

We have been learning about Caterpillars and Butterflies!  Again this year, we discovered what happens to Caterpillars throughout their lifecycle.  We loved watching and learning how a caterpillar eats and prepares for its transformation.  We patiently waited for the caterpillars to rest in their cocoon. We eagerly awaited their grand entrance as butterflies!  Would a wonderful learning opportunity to experience this change as a class.  We drew wonderful pictures and we wrote about our butterfly families!  Then finally we set them free!  Oh what a day!

IMG_6740 IMG_6902 IMG_6936



Rainbows in March!


We have been exploring and creating Rainbows!  In Art, we have been learning about shapes and how to draw shapes.  We also have be learning about listening to the directions step by step, through teacher directed art projects.


We colored and counted the colors for our rainbows.

We also experimented with water absorption and how it can travel from one place to another!