New School Year

Welcome Friends to a New Year at Olivet Preschool

As the summer days comes to a close, it is time to think about learning. As we enter the 2016-2017 school year we have doubled in size! Our little hallways are filled with laughter and smiles. We welcome 2 new teachers and a big group of 3 year olds and new 4 year olds to our sweet little school. We are off to a great start learning about our school and our friends.

Our 4 year old Pre K class has been learning about each other and what it means to be part of our “Den.” We started our learn off embracing the last days of summer with a camping theme. The kiddos have explored and created in our tent. We’ve met around the campfire and we’ve made s’mores!

We are learning about working together and playing together. In Pre K, we have very important social skills to learn from each other…. Sharing, caring, and exploring with one another.

This week we have been sharing pictures of our families with each other. We have learning that families include our pets. Oh what fun we’ve had taking and learning about pets. We created a Pet shop and all week long, the kiddos have been buying pets, grooming pets, making homes for pets, and even entering the pets into a pet show! These kids have completely embraced our pet shop and I have loved seeing their minds work…

We also started our specials this week. We met our school friends that teach Bible, Art, Music and Guidance. Each area of specials are taught with young children in mind. We are off to a great start this year!