The Joy that comes from a Box

We have had so much fun this month thinking about and preparing for Christmas!  Perhaps my favorite thing that we have worked so hard on has been our Transforming Gingerbread house!  Rainy day are best kept for making and creating!  Our gingerbread house was created over a couple of days where we worked on  patterns and cutting.  We decorated it with lights and snowflakes. We drew and glued.  We created something special!

Each week, our Gingerbread house had a different purpose.  The first week, it was the home for the little Gingerbread Boy, and Girl, and Baby.  We enjoyed reading and comparing the different Gingerbread stories.

The Second week, we turned our house into a Bake Shop. We make cookies out of playdoh. We graphed and measured cookies.  We even cooked our favorite cookies in the kitchen.

Finally we made a workshop for gift wrapping and thinking of others!  We had to problem solve how much wrapping paper and ribbon we might need!   So much joy comes from just a box!