We had our last Chapel of the year.  It was a time to reflect on God.  Pastor Seth wanted us to know that God is everywhere!  As our children leave us for the summer and so even go on to Elementary school in the Fall, that God will be with them. He is all around us!  God is good!

Bike Day!

Our school friends were ready to have fun on Bike day!  We created licenses plates for our bikes.  We decorated our bikes!   And we created the most creatives bike paths!  We made paths in the shapes of circles, squares and triangles!  It was awesome!

Olivet Went to the Farm. E-I-E-I-O!

We are have been so busy having fun!   Times with our friends are the best!   We had a wonderful opportunity to visit a farm!  We learned all about sheep!  We learned how to take care of them, feed them, and all about their bodies!   We also spent time learning about how to work on the farm!   Oh what fun!