April Fun!

We are so loving this weather that we’ve taken things outside!  We are creating Fairy Gardens and Dinosaur Environments for our playground!

We have been learning about Caterpillars and Butterflies!  Again this year, we discovered what happens to Caterpillars throughout their lifecycle.  We loved watching and learning how a caterpillar eats and prepares for its transformation.  We patiently waited for the caterpillars to rest in their cocoon. We eagerly awaited their grand entrance as butterflies!  Would a wonderful learning opportunity to experience this change as a class.  We drew wonderful pictures and we wrote about our butterfly families!  Then finally we set them free!  Oh what a day!

IMG_6740 IMG_6902 IMG_6936



Rainbows in March!


We have been exploring and creating Rainbows!  In Art, we have been learning about shapes and how to draw shapes.  We also have be learning about listening to the directions step by step, through teacher directed art projects.


We colored and counted the colors for our rainbows.

We also experimented with water absorption and how it can travel from one place to another!



February Love

Will he or won’t he?  That is the question we considered this month!  We loved learning about how animals wake up like the Groundhog.  We used technology to learn what happened to Mr. Phil when he woke from his winter sleep!  We loved using the light to create shadows as we pretended to be Mr. Groundhog!  IMG_1522


We created the Olivet Postoffice in our Classroom! We learned new vocabulary as we built our play and our art table around making Valentines for our loved ones and each other!

IMG_1519   IMG_6343

We’ve also put on a play called “The Queen of Hearts.”  We took turns being the Queen, the King, and the Knave.  We learned about being actors and in the audience.  It was a wonderful opportunity to play with Rhyming too!




We are looking forward to our visit to the Paramount Theater this week as we go to see “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”

Cold Weather Fun

We have had such a great start to the New Year!  We have been talking and creating all things snowy!


We’ve been learning about animals and what they do during the cold winter.

We played and mixed colors.  Then we turned they into ice for ice building!  We loved seeing what happens when the ice melts!


While the weather has been snowy and cold, we have loved spending time indoors creating shape pictures and going on shape hunts!


IMG_6321_2  IMG_6324



Visit to the Crozet Library

We wanted to thank the Crozet Library for having us visit this month!  We so enjoyed our time with Ms. Rhonda as she shared books and Rhymes with us!  We danced and rhymed together. We even crawled into a bear cave! Our time at the library we learned about how to take care of books and all the things that the library has to offer.  The Kiddos had an opportunity to learn in such a playful way!  We also enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air on the playground!  What a great trip to the library!



Gift Givers

If I have learned anything about the wonderful Kiddos in my class is that they love to give!  We spent the month of December creatively playing with wrapping paper and ribbon.  The Children loved wrapping gifts for each other to put under our Christmas Tree.


We also worked on gifts for our families.


We set up a Sweet shop where the children were so engaged in making Cookies and sweets for each other!  We learned so many new vocabulary words to help us create our sweets!


We Spent the month learning about our greatest Gift of Christmas!  Our advent Calendar shared with us the Story of Jesus’ birth!


Trip To the Market

This week, we had a special field trip planned to visit our local farmer’s market. We have created a vegetable stamp garden to learn about how Vegetables grow.  Our visit to the market had 2 purposes.  One was to collect items for our Thanksgiving feast.  The other was to learn that Farmers grow vegetables in their gardens.  There is quite a variety of vegetables that you can buy.  Some vegetables are even the same vegetables that the Native Americans would have grown and shared at the First Thanksgiving!

IMG_5788IMG_5791image1 6

Creative Play Spaces

The month of November has been dedicated to learning more about the First Thanksgiving!  We’ve been reading some wonderful books to learn about the Native Americans.  We learned that they were hunters, fishers, and gardeners.

We created a TeePee with special artwork on it!  The kiddos have found the teepee a great place to read, make music, and play.

We build boats, like the Mayflower and we sailed the cross the Sea

!IMG_5799   image1 5     IMG_5798

Halloween and More

We had a great week preparing for Halloween! After our visit to the Pumpkin Patch, we learned so much about pumpkins.  We learned that they are cold and slimy inside.  We learned that there are LOTS of seeds inside.  We measured and compared Apples to Pumpkins!  We reviewed our shapes by carving our pumpkin using Circles, Triangles, Squares, and Rectangles!We created spooky mixed up letters along a spider web!  The Children had to find all their letters in their name!  They loved walking along the webs!We also created a Witches Brew full of Bats, Spiders and Ghouls!  We ended our week with a Trick or Treat Walk throughout the Church to visit our Church Friends .


image1 4 image2 2

Pumpkins and Apples

Thank you Chiles Orchard for hosting us for a wonderful morning of pumpkins and apples!  We learned the parts of the apples.  We learned about how apples and pumpkins grow.  We all hopped aboard the tractor for a beautiful ride around the orchard where we picked and tasted delicious apples.  Next we continued on the tractor to the pumpkin patch!  We each picked our own pumpkins.  We saw how the the pumpkins grow on vines.  Next we returned to the apple shed where we enjoyed a tasty treat of Apple cider and Apple cinnamon donut!  The weather was perfect!