Creative Play Spaces

The month of November has been dedicated to learning more about the First Thanksgiving!  We’ve been reading some wonderful books to learn about the Native Americans.  We learned that they were hunters, fishers, and gardeners.

We created a TeePee with special artwork on it!  The kiddos have found the teepee a great place to read, make music, and play.

We build boats, like the Mayflower and we sailed the cross the Sea

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Our letter of the week this week was I and what an awesome opportunity to learn about inventors!  The kids had such a great week tinkering with things that they might not be able to tinker with on a daily basis.  With the help of our school families, we were able to explore the insides of things like an old computer and a phone.  We explored marble runs and we used real hammers and screwdrivers!  They loved exploring!  We had yarn contraptions throughout the classroom.  We learned who invented the stoplight, the telephone, and bifocals!  The kids even created their own inventions!  They made a harmonica!  What a great week to play, learn, and explore!




This week we are learning about the Seasons.  We used our senses, we technology, we even acted  out the seasons by catching the falling leaves and making snow angels!!  What fun we had this week with our friend Squawker the parrot.  He brings us new season words to learn so that we can expand our vocabulary.  The children have found so much joy in the visits from our parrot friend.

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We also began our Specials this week.  Mrs. Susanne shared with us her love of Art by incorporating famous pieces of Art with seasons.  The children were so proud of the things they created!

IMG_5016 IMG_5017